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 Posted: Sat Mar 27th, 2021 06:02 am
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krazykid18 wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote: Hi Andy - welcome to the board.

While I think that sports can be important, I believe that the NCAA should be abolished. I don't think that kids should get college scholarships based upon their athletic performance. To me, colleges are places of academic training and scholarships should be based upon academic performance only. Instead of the NCAA, I think that pro sports leagues should create their own developmental systems and that high school players can be recruited for these developmental systems upon graduation.

Colleges are dependent on the sports revenue not only from attendance but booster participation. 

Look at the Indiana Basketball Coach just got fired and the school owed him a buyout of 10 mil a fuckin booster gave the school ten mil to get that coach out of the way that's all you need to know why they give players college scholarships. 
Thanks for your comment.