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 Posted: Sat Mar 27th, 2021 10:10 pm
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I usually don't share much in the way of personal situations on here but could use another point of view perhaps. I'll try to be brief.

I need to go back in time a little bit. Seven years. Got into the newspaper businesses (yeah I know they're dying) Was a part-time warehouse employee. Then full-time about a year later. A couple years after that the newspaper (Philadelphia Inquirer) starts laying off people left and right. Found myself going from one warehouse to another 'to cover'. Basically was being used an a 'manager' yet paid as a 'warehouse employee'.

I tolerated it for awhile and eventually called them on it. All of the travel from here to there and being functional in multiple towns and warehouses - my workday didn't even sound like 'warehouse employee' in the end it screamed 'manager'. There was always and constantly a never-ending wage freeze.

So much so that I interviewed with another newspaper (owned by Gatehouse Media) and was hired as a manager. 3 years ago. Pretty much 'starter' Manager money (in my estimation) but was better than being paid as a warehouse employee and doing the manager's work. And nothing could be worse than the Inquirer where in the end I was traveling all over and making the same per hour as I had made when hired, which to me was ridiculous.

The past two years I did well where I was at. But of course along came last year and the obligatory 'wage freeze'. The company bought out Gannett media (which is huge) and Gannett is such a big name they adopted it.

At Christmas of last year two managers working out of Westampton (NJ) got up and walked. One retired, the other quit. I get shuffled across the river for 'five weeks'.

Five weeks has turned into 15 weeks and no talk of moving me back. I go on Gannett's website and they are not hiring for this location.

Right now it's all the OT I can get (so that's good)  but to be honest, this location is about one hour and fifteen minutes from home for me. I'm concerned this (in their mind) is my new home and when the dust settles so does the overtime and in the end I'll be an hour-plus from home at a pay-rate that is what I started at and doesn't reflect significsnt contributions.

How much do I need to move here? 15% as its an expensive area.

I'm realistic, nobody is writing anybody a 15% raise in the Covid era and for a company that claims 'wage freezes' for years at a time.

I'm concerned bc I got out of everything else 7 years ago, I have in a way boxed myself into a corner. Not any other newspapers to work for.