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 Posted: Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 12:22 am
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Sylvester Stallone announced that he has started writing a prequel to the “Rocky” franchise. He envisions it being a streaming service series, 10 episodes per season. The series will follow a young Rocky Balboa, starting at age 17, and will be set in the mid-‘60s, ideally running for a few seasons and ending in 1976 at the beginning of the events of “Rocky I”.  When the movie starts, Rocky is a small-time local fighter working for a loan shark to make ends meat, so there’s an interesting backstory to be explored.  Stallone has just started working on this and isn’t sure if anyone will pick it up, but I imagine there will be a lot of interest with the multitude of streaming services out there now. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.