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 Posted: Sun Apr 4th, 2021 06:41 pm
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srossi wrote: So apparently you get the discounted rate of $9.99 for 4 months no matter what now. Their promo code of PEACOCKMANIA doesn’t work and the deal is automatic, so what was the point of advertising the promo code every week for 2 months? Then I tried to sign up and I already had an account from the free version so it didn’t let me. Then I had to upgrade my account instead and the autofill inexplicably didn’t work. So after filling in everything again they finally took my money. And the platform sucks. My wife is using the account to watch the reboot of “Saved By the Bell” right now so it’s clearly money well spent.
So they’ve turned “Saved By the Bell” into a class warfare sitcom where all the poor minorities are bused to Bayside and the son of Zach Morris is the spoiled, white rich kid whose love interest Kelly character is transgender. You can’t make this shit up. One of the big “jokes” is A.C. trying to give a pep talk a black football player and the kid saying, “At least it’s not a white savior thing because you’re Mexican.”  It might be the most obnoxiously woke show in the history of television. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.