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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 06:52 am
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KGB wrote: Back o' duh bus, honky!  

The codification of Jim Snow continues apace.  Remember a year ago when restaurants started to reopen and we all laughed at the rules that said -- masks on when you walk to your table and the rest room, but masks off while you're sitting?  We thought it was so ridiculous, as if the virus knows when you're standing and when you're sitting.  Yet a year later a good chunk of the population has internalized this protocol and struggles no more against its innate illogic.  

This is another step on the road to creating a population inured to the notion of white subordination.  Sure, many will bleat about the injustice of such a proclamation, and you'll hear desperate normie-cons invoke MLK, foolishly believing they can shame the the left into dialing it back, but ultimately this will help condition everyone into believing that such dictates are just and reasonable.  
This is parody, right? Like the Onion?

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