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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 02:07 pm
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During the 20th Century (into the 1970s) Nearly 70,000 people in this country were sterilized against their will, many completely unaware that it took place at all.  Many were in for routine surgeries they were told were needed and were good for them and were then sterilized.  They were deemed feeble-minded.  The Supreme Court case that allowed this to happen has never be overturned.
Israel was sterilizing Ethiopians without their knowledge or consent just seven years ago.
Johnson and Johnson knew there was asbestos in their talcum powder their marketing team convinced a generation of women to rub into their vagina.  They kept it on the market knowing it caused cancer and would be sued later.  Cost benefit analysis said make the money now and just get sued later. 
How about the Sackler family telling people oxycontin wasn't addictive and bribing doctors to prescribe it.
There is every reason in the world to not trust the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies and be concerned about this vaccine.