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 Posted: Fri Apr 9th, 2021 11:36 pm
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the squared circle wrote: I remember Reagan being shot.

I think I’ve told this story before, but this is one of my first vivid memories, but not for the reason it was for anyone else. I was 3, a few months shy of 4, almost exactly the same age my son is now. A Bugs Bunny Easter special was supposed to air that night. I can’t remember ever liking Bugs Bunny that much, but for some reason I was really looking forward to this one. I remember clutching the clipping for this show from TV Guide in my hand all day.  It’s crazy how well I remember it all. And then of course, Reagan was shot and there was wall-to-wall coverage of it all night on every channel. That fucking special never did air and I was so pissed. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.