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 Posted: Sat Apr 10th, 2021 01:26 am
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Blazer wrote: I wasn't into this by any means, but Luke and Laura's Wedding on General Hospital. I remember my mom watched it, and it was a "thing" back in 1980 or '81 or whenever it happened.
It’s amazing how popular soaps were in the early to mid ‘80s. I remember Days of Our Lives used to do elaborate summer storylines involving travel to exotic locations and good TV special effects for the time. I never thought about how much they must’ve been raking in to justify the expense of all that. That stopped 30 years ago and now it’s a genre that’s almost completely dead. They’ve all been canceled except maybe 2 of them and I can’t imagine those will survive much longer. Weird to see an entire genre of TV disappear. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.