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 Posted: Sat Apr 10th, 2021 01:19 pm
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After reading the posts about WWE on Peacock, I finally got motivated to contact Xfinity to get a free Flex box (which I think comes with a free Peacock Premium subscription) since I am already an Xfinity Internet customer but I do not have them for cable TV. Somehow, I screwed up when I ordered the flex box online and Xfinity included a new modem with my order. I didn't need the modem, I just needed the Flex box so I used the agent chat function to try to get the issue resolved. I was expecting this to be a pain in the ass but the agent made it fairly easy. As the agent was finalizing my order he told me about the offers available. I was able to upgrade my Internet service to 1.2 gbps (which is approximately 6x faster than my current plan) and save approx. $10 per month. Sometimes it pays to make a mistake!