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 Posted: Tue Apr 13th, 2021 02:55 pm
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srossi wrote: This one actually does seem like pure incompetence.  The bitch is screaming "Taser" and clearly seems to be giving a warning for a taser, then in absolute panic fires her gun.  I'm not exactly sure how that happens since they must feel much different and have different triggers, but I could never be as dumb and cowardly as a cop so I can't imagine the thought processes in those pea brains.  I think she legitimately made a mistake because I don't see what the benefit to her would be for shouting taser and then firing a gun.  She would've been better off just shooting him, but by doing it the way she did there's more attention on it.  This is manslaughter, period, and she needs to do real jail time as anyone else who made a recklessly fatal error would.

For some reason, this story keeps making me think of United Airline's pledge to have 50% of its pilot trainees be women and POC.