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 Posted: Wed Apr 14th, 2021 03:19 pm
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srossi wrote: KGB wrote: WongLee wrote: The bitch was a "training officer" also. It boggles my mind that every single day you can find a story like this. Why the fuck are these assholes in such a constant state of paralyzing fear? Being she's a female, hopefully if this ever goes to trial she can hug it out with the judge just like Officer Amber did after she murdered that guy in his living room.

Women shouldn't be beat cops period.  They're more prone to rash decisions, overreaction out of fear, and being overwhelmed and disarmed by perps.  But yeah, let's pretend the average woman is like those comic book movies where the stunning and brave female kicks the ass of a half-dozen men.  

Situations like this continue to prove that you can only ignore biological reality for so long until it slaps you in the face.  Hard.  

I can't even remember women cops being involved in these situations more than 5% of the time.  I guess all those male cops who murder suspects are trans.  Leave it to KGB to intentionally give the most hilariously worst take on any incident. 

Uh oh, srossi's so wound up this morning he's even defending cops.   

Would you prefer a woman cop in this situation or a guy?  Whatever else is wrong with this incident, the fact remains that men are naturally better at some jobs and this is one of them.  Take in a handful of cop-watch videos and you'll see the women almost universally overcompensate for their physical limitations by PMS-ing and overstepping their bounds.