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 Posted: Thu Apr 15th, 2021 06:02 pm
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KGB wrote: Spatulapup wrote: Go watch the video of the US army guy harassing a black kid walking in his neighborhood in Columbia sc. White people do not go through this. It's the same with cops. There is a difference in the treatment for whites and blacks in these situations.

Assuming you're white, I suggest you take a stroll through certain areas of Chicongo, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. and see what white people would "go through".  
I grew up on the west side of Chicago, in a neighborhood where being white definitely left me in the minority. I witnessed houses on my block being torched in 1968, and had the National Guard patrolling the street I lived on (we were just north of Austin High School, where the Guard had their temp HQ)

Fuck off, been there done that.

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