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 Posted: Fri Apr 16th, 2021 01:12 am
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Blazer wrote: srossi wrote: Well now they killed a 13-year old boy while his hands were up after lying and saying he had a gun. Are they still not aware of the idea of cameras? This one is even more horrific than most.
It's a Chicago incident, so I'm at ground zero.  The media is twisting the fuck out of this though.

Short story: 13 year old hispanic kid is out at 2am running with a street gang.  He's run away from home twice, no dad in his life, hanging with a 21 year old.  They popped off eight rounds from a pistol at a car.  Police called.  Hispanic kid (who by the way looks like he's 20, has a mustache, tall kid) runs down alley with 9 mm pistol in his right hand the entire time.  Police yelling at him to stop.  Kid gets to a fence and slings the gun behind fence as he turns around, and the officer shoots literally a millisecond as kid raises his empty hands up. Media is all over this taking that still shot of his hands being up and plastering it all over tv trying to drum up tension, while CPD showed video clips in real time of how it happened from different camera angles.  The gun sling to hands-up time was like 0,18 seconds.

I don't even know what to say.  Should he have been shot?  No.   Is the officer guilty of misconduct?  My opinion, no.  At some point, if we're going to let criminals own the streets, then we're done.

This kid was the same age as my son, who's at home drinking hot cocoa and playing Minecraft and in bed by 10:30.  Parents got to parent.  That's the shittiest part of this.  I can't blame the kid or the police on that as much as the parents.

The people on here who rag on cops as their profession should maybe consider trying it for the day.

This bullshit that the kid didn't have a gun is bordering on the insane.  The cop had a millisecond to decide whether to shoot or be shot. The kid raising his could just as easily been him preparing to shoot at the cop.

Of course we aren't all psychic like rossi who knows all and believes this kid is completely blameless because that is the narrative that psycho cop haters use.

Cops are going in to Sunday service and pulling black and hispanic individuals out of the pews and taking them out and shooting them. Cops responded to a shots fired call and come across these two individuals fleeing the scene.

No those were good kids heading to the 7-11 for a slurpee at 3 in the morning.

Seek psychological help rossi. You need it desperately.

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

Rossi=The Mouth That Bored