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 Posted: Fri Apr 16th, 2021 09:49 pm
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Franchise wrote: Franchise wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote: One Fan Gang wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote: If suicide counts as murder, then "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam.

I just followed BGF's precedent.   And to continue, I'll add Ode to Billie Joe.
The stories that I have read online say that "Jeremy" was written about a student committing suicide in a classroom in front of his classmates. However, when I read the lyrics, it sounds to me as if Jeremy may have gunned down his classmates instead:

At home drawing pictures
Of mountain tops
With him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
And the dead lay in pools of maroon below

What say you? Suicide or school shooting mass murder?

School shooter 

Just watched the video, its a suicide. I never noticed the part where be sticks the gun in his mouth. 

The song is inspired by the real life story of Jeremy Wade Delle, who was 16 and killed himself in English class in 1991.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.