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updated results

November 13 1982 - Rockford IL -  Boylan High School
Jim Brunzell beat AWA Champ Nick Bockwinkel by dq at 20:00
Bobby Duncum and Sheik Adnan beat Rick Martel and Steve Olsonoski at 18:00
Ken Patera beat Larry Hennig at 12:00
Brad Rheingans beat Woody Wilson (sub Bobby Duncum) at 4:45
Baron Von Raschke beat Bobby Heenan by Countout at 15:30

November 20 1982 - Chicago IL - International Amphitheatre
AWA Champ Nick Bockwinkel fought Tito Santana to a Double Countout at 35:35
Jerry Blackwell and Sheik Adnan beat Steve O (sub Greg Gagne) and Jim Brunzell at 16:32 
Bobby Duncum fought Dick The Bruiser to a Double DQ
Ken Patera pinned Rick Martel at 19:55
Lone Eagle and Tiny Tom beat Cowboy Lang and Little Tokyo
Baron Von Raschke beat Bobby Heenan by countout at 12:00
Tom Lentz beat Tony Leone at 11:10

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