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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2021 12:50 am
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Another crazy story coming out of Colorado. 73-year old woman stopped at Walmart for shoplifting $14 worth of items. The Walmart employee engages her and gets the items back easily. He then calls the cops not because he wants her arrested but because he could tell from his interaction with her that she has dementia and was lost. He specifically tries to lesson tensions by saying, “We got the items back. We’re not prosecuting. She’s just lost and needs help finding her way home.”  Then the cops show up, tackle her, dislocate her shoulder, and throw her in jail for 6 hours without providing any physical or mental health aid. There’s video and there’s a lawsuit. Taxpayers will foot the bill again. This isn’t even cowardice, this is pure sociopathic behavior. The minimum wage Walmart employee had little trouble dealing with her non-violently but the cops lost their minds with a 73-year old dementia patient.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.