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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2021 05:19 pm
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I watch a bunch of YouTube channels featuring reactions of music videos or performances by people of younger generations, and there is a prevailing conclusion made which is that our age group was lucky to experience the artists at the time of the song's release.   When I feel jaded about modern era anything, I find younger people amazed at qualities I took for granted.   They too see the good in what I grew up with, even if I may have forgotten.     
Some of the quizzes on Sporcle are fun to take because they are clearly out of my heyday for consuming pop culture, and I learn some new things from the last 20 years I glossed over at the time.  
I don't think age defines the need to return to good memories of our youth as much as the need to know our era's popular culture is chronicled for consumption whenever we want it.  When we have the evidence of what we remember fondly and younger people can see it, us older folk don't necessarily sound as crotchety as so often we are profiled.