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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2021 06:21 pm
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I was watching a Pearl Jam show from 1992 last night and thought about seeing them at Lollapalooza that year, when they were arguably the biggest band in the country, the way it felt like a "moment".  I was fairly plugged in to the Zeitgeist during the era, music, television, sports, movies.  Today,  I don't give a toss about any of them.  I'd probably ascribe two reasons for that.  
1)  Aging.  That's pretty natural.  Even though the cultural overlords have struggled mightily to make everyone act like teenagers late into life, you just can't summon the innocence you once had.  Maybe it's also the fact that we haven't had a sweeping change in pop culture for almost 3 decades now.  Everything's a retread and has been for some while.  The law of diminishing returns kicks in inevitably.  I haven't seen a movie in a theater since No Country For Old Men, almost 15 years ago.  Popular music has been dreadful for so long that there's no chance of me ever tuning in again.  Television is insanely unentertaining.  Speaking of age, I don't even like going to those free outdoor summer concerts (cover bands) because it's so damn loud.  I don't enjoy it anymore.  

2)  The purveyors of pop culture.  Specifically the fact that they don't like me and are fairly blunt about it.  I can accept the fact that entertainers might not have the same points of view as I do, but it's become so overwhelmingly in-your-face that I'm left with little choice but to walk away.  Sports was the last one to fall.  I stopped with the NBA in the 80s and the NFL around Y2K, but even two years ago, I was still fairly tuned in to the NHL, MLB, and Premier League.  Today I consume zero sports.  Not a second.  I just don't need to be told that I'm responsible for all the ills of the world when I'm trying to watch two guys play catch.  It's so jarringly unnecessary.  And sports was just the last domino to fall.  Television and movies (don't get me started on commercials) are ridiculously anti-white male to a degree that allows me to detach from them with no qualms.  

Fortunately, I've always been a reader.  I listen to streaming radio stations of mostly chillout tunes and some 80s nostalgia.  I have a daughter to raise.  I have three properties to maintain.  I have other hobbies.  And I have my eyes and ears wide open as our country enters year two of our national psychotic break.  I don't miss pop culture at all.  In fact, it's now jarring when I'm confronted with it, whether it be sports, television, media, etc.  After a period of time passes without it, you'll get exposed to it briefly and it strikes you as completely alien to your new existence.  I personally have my doubts about the "get woke, go broke" cope that many normies accept as gospel, but I do hope that we see some big scalps taken, sports particularly, when it comes to losing audience share.