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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2021 06:29 pm
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KGB wrote: (don't get me started on commercials) There's a thread here someplace about this. You're not alone with this one at least...
One sport that I have found to be fairly woke-free (if that's the correct use of the term) is boxing, which is of course largely because the majority of fighters seem to be black or Hispanic. Fortunately I enjoy boxing and have since I was a kid, and it's on tv more these days than it has been in years (easy plug in for sports channels during the pandemic was how it regained a serious footing, it was on TSN 3 nights a week here for a while).
I can still tune out all the narratives from football and hockey for the most part, but I can see the day coming where I won't be able to anymore. As I noted someplace else, I already have to mute or switch the channel when the talking heads come on between periods or at halftime. But eventually, I may be out-out on it all, I dunno.