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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2021 06:55 pm
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Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I used to always listen to Casey Kasem top 40. Usually came on Sundays. I remembered following all my favorite pop groups up and down the charts. Now, I couldn't name anyone outside of maybe Taylor Swift.

As far as TV shows go, growing up it was the big 3 networks, with little to no competition, so the selection was much better. Today with all the streaming options, the choices are somewhat watered down. I am a "cord cutter" and don't subscribe to any pay channels per se, but it's amazing how I can find some streaming options available, as long as I sit patiently through the commercials.

Wrestling- I am not at all interested in today's product outside of the few youtube channels I follow. I was very much into the WWF in that area just after the takeover of the territories but just before the "invasion era" with HHH and Chyna, Stone Cold etc...