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 Posted: Tue Apr 20th, 2021 06:28 pm
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khawk wrote: KGB wrote: khawk wrote: I don't see it happening here. They'd rather continue be pre-occupied with the druggies and transients in the downtown cores.In larger urban centers in Ontario, maybe, but with the departments issuing statements basically refusing to police this shit, they'd have to know there is nothing but trouble for themselves in pursuing a power-trip on a family at a playground.

Shit, in Edmonton they were comfortable putting a fence up around a church to keep worshipers out.  I'm not sure why local or provincial police in Ontario will be any better.I dunno man, but when the departments in various sections of the province are putting out statements literally saying they won't be enforcing this stuff, that tells me something.
Ford also apparently reversed the No playgrounds edict from yesterday, so even he must realize that a lot of this crap is just making people mad at him.

khawk, you'll be happy to know us greasy Manitobans can't travel to Ontario under the current restrictions set by Doug Ford or whomever.

Personally I'm devastated. Actually, fuck Ontario. Never liked it.

Several stories out there of people in whatever province seeing cars with out of province license plates or "gasp" them there nasty Muricans and going bat shit crazy and going so far as to confront people, vandalize vehicles or call the cops.

As far as gatherings out here where we are we deal with the RCMP and not city cops and I've been told by a couple that they have no time to run around counting vehicles on properties or heads in a household, whatever edict they may be given. 

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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