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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2021 12:13 am
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QAnon follower Brendan Hunt, a 37-year old Queens resident, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail after repeatedly threatening to murder Trump’s political enemies on social media. His defense was that he didn’t think anyone would take his rants seriously, plus he was on drugs and didn’t remember most of them. The jury didn’t buy it and convicted him in a few hours.

The posts came in December and January and consisted of written and video threats against the lives of Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Chuck Schumer, and other leading Democrats, as well as Mike Pence after Trump turned his ire on him.

A typical post was: “Get your guns, show up to D.C., and literally just spray these motherfuckers. Put some bullets in their fucking heads. If anybody has a gun, give me it, I’ll go there myself and shoot them and kill them.”

Prosecutors argued that this wasn’t free speech about general violence but he repeatedly and specifically said that he would personally kill them and at times posted his plans, however hair-brained, to do so.

Hunt is the son of a retired NYC family court judge and his father had recently helped the unemployed actor get a part-time city job as an assistant court analyst.

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