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 Posted: Mon May 3rd, 2021 04:34 pm
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Mr. & Mrs. Rossi went to a sex therapist to see if they could spice up 
their marriage a bit. After listening to their sex lives, or lack therof, the therapist
said he had just the thing to help them & would demonstrate.
With that, he & Mrs. Rossi went at it like 2 rabbits, every way possible with Mrs. Rossi 
having multiple orgasms. When they finished, Mrs. Rossi was still on the couch moaning 
with pleasure.
The therapist then remarked to the hushand, "There, that's whats missing from your
marriage. Do you think you can manage it ? To which the husband replied, "well, I can drop her off Monday to Wednesday. The 
rest of the week I golf".

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