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 Posted: Sun May 9th, 2021 06:30 pm
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Anthony Antonio, a Delaware man charged in the Capitol Riots, is pleading not guilty due to “Foxitis”. His lawyer says the man was unemployed for 6 months and during that time did little but watch Fox News, which caused side effects similar to mental illness or drug abuse, and eventually led to him becoming crazed and storming the Capitol. During the riots, Antonio stole a riot shield from a police officer and beat him with it before pulling off his gas mask and squirting an indeterminate liquid in his face. He then jumped through a broken window into the Capitol. He arrived on the scene wearing a bullet proof vest and live-streaming himself declaring war on the U.S. government, footage that is being used against him by the prosecution as clear evidence of his violent intentions before the riots even began. He faces 30 years in jail if convicted.  There are dozens of Capitol Riot cases slowly making their way through the court systems, but so far this is the first to use the “Foxitis” defense. 

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