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 Posted: Tue Jul 27th, 2021 12:26 am
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srossi wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: Riddle me this, how good or bad is AEW? I tried to watch it once, but I couldn't get into it. I hate that three guys hugging on the floor waiting for the 4th guy to climb the ropes and jump on them bullshit. I've bitched about it before, but I can't suspend disbelief that much. If they had their backs to him while he climbed and snuck an occasional peek I could buy it, but 3 guys watching some douchebag climb the ropes to splash them and not getting out of the way is too fucking stupid for me.

Anyway, I came across AWE Botches on the Youtubes, and fuck is that shit embarrassing. I realize that's a compilation over time, but there are at least 14 minutes of God-awful fuck ups and AEW hasn't been in business that long. Jackie Gayda had a fuck up like that and was never seen in a match again.

I've watched a shit ton of wrestling in my days and I've never seen so much horseshit. Is AEWas bad as it seems?

If you search out videos of botches, you’ll probably find them. WWE has been editing there’s out during the Covid era with no fans, which are pretty easy to spot sometimes. their production team is also a little quicker to cut shots as they see a botch developing.
There was that time when the girls tag match went to commercial, and they stopped wrestling and were standing in the ring just talking and going over what their next spots were going to be with each other.  Forget about AEW and botches, nothing is worse than that.  I agree that there are too many fuckups for AEW but they all wrestle that spot monkey style.  Like Sin said earlier in a more roundabout way, what makes you great is how you sell things like this.  You can't just have three guys stand around looking at the fourth going to the top rope...those three should be slugging it out, back to the ring and have some sort of cue to know when to turn.  They practice spots all the time, what they need to do is practice spacing of the spots just as much, and pacing of the match, and properly selling a move.  Instead, lets drop a guy on his head for a 2.5 count, then have him pop up after that and do his own move.  When you get a 2.5 count, that guy should be half dead - not ready to work.  If he's in that crisp condition, have him kick out at 1.  There are  nowhere near enough kickouts at 1 anymore.

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