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 Posted: Sun Aug 15th, 2021 08:04 am
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Just a note to pass along a time-saving tactic I may have mentioned in one of the threads but this would be the place to put it.
When I want to determine whether one of my listings is worth adding to a career record, I now go into the Clawmaster's Archives forum itself and do a search for a specific thread before opening it.  You can click "Search This Forum Only" once you are in this sub-directory, which greatly reduces the number of results compared to a search from the main page.   This has been most effective in dealing with these whoppers of lists like Wilbur Snyder and Dick the Bruiser. 
When you open the thread from a search rather than from the forum itself, it opens as one complete page.  I can then locate dates or locations more easily by typing it into a "find" request; sometimes I use a name on the lineup which might be a rare search term.  With only one page to search, it moves more quickly than the prospect of opening multiple pages.  
Just now I added a Snyder result and noticed that there are about 800 replies to that thread, and each page is only 15 replies at one time.  As I scrolled down, I saw a case where Chitown Rich searched one section of pages for an update but didn't see it updated in another. I don't know if this tactic is common knowledge but I have been using it for about three months with great satisfaction.