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 Posted: Sat Jan 3rd, 2009 06:19 pm
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Only had to break one tie (Worst Coach) so here are the best and worst of 2008 voted on by you ~

Wrestling Awards

Wrestler Of The Year - Edge

Manager Of The Year - Vicki Guerrero

Match Of The Year - Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels

Newcomer Of The Year - Ted DiBiase Jr

Worst Wrestler - Great Khali

Career Tailspin - MVP

Sports & Wrestling Board Awards

Rubber Room - Mwtapes Starts His Own Board

Feud Of The Year - Dr Delaware vs The Ultimate Sin

Troll Of The Year - Portalesman

Post Of The Year - Sixk of Portalsman and he is a total fucking loser and mark for himself. A bore. Dude has never been laid in his life. Total piece of garbage and a reason I have left wrestling forums - Dr Delaware

Best Avatar - Chicken We Can Believe In

Sports Awards

Manager Of The Year - Joe Maddon

Surprise Of The Year - Tampa Bay Rays

Athlete Of The Year - Michael Phelps

Worst Coach - Wade Phillips

Rookie Of The Year - Evan Longoria

Laughingstock Franchise - The Detroit Lions

Team Of The Year - The New York Giants

Chokeartists Of The Year - The New York Mets