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 Posted: Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 09:45 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: cheapseats wrote: Kriss wrote: I'm watching this second episode now. That set looks like garbage. You can't take it seriously when it looks like a children's Saturday morning TV show from the 90s (might be a UK thing), with a similar sized audience. However they did the lighting for Full Sail, it never looked this bad. That place looked like a wrestling venue. The Lucha Underground building also looked fine, but this looks terrible.

One reason why AEW took off so quickly, and TNA never did was that AEW looks like a real wrestling show filmed in a real arena. When you shoot in a TV studio, it looks low-rent. There's a reason WWE created the Thunderdome, because it looked crap in the Performance Center.

The set itself looks atrocious.  Way too busy and distracting.
I don't see the size of the performance center as a problem. TV studios worked very well for Memphis  and a number of other promotions all those years and it was one of the best aspects of the NWA YouTube show. The current facility is closer in size to  say the say Irish McNeil's Boys Club , which was a great atmosphere for wrestling. 
The layout isn't the problem.  It's rebooting a product that didn't need one. Titan Tower killed anything unique about the promotion with the reboot. Promos are as atrocious as the main roster. The doubling down on backstage skits...ugh.The only bright spots for me are the announce team and a handful of talent.

I disagree i liked it and more interested in the new NXT then i was the old NXT....

and I think it was smart to get away from the original NXT 2.0(this new reboot is really 3.0) that people loved because AEW does it better with the alternative to WWE style that Triple H wanted NXT to be.

but also with the tribalism wars going on right now(AEW vs WWE) and the fact that wrestling fans complain about everything especially WWE related is taking away this might be the best 2 months of exciting wrestling in US since the end of 98..

Before moving to USA, NXT was actually more indy-rific than AEW, at least the Takeover shows.  The Revival vs. Ciampa and Gargano actually was better than the more hyped FTR vs. Young Bucks matches, by a lot.  I haven't enjoyed modern matches in 30 years as I did some of that stuff.  NXT only got watered down once Vince realized he owned it.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.