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 Posted: Sun Dec 16th, 2007 05:01 am
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11/29/74 Houston, TX
Jose Lothario & El Santo beat Gran Markus & Black Gordman 2/3
Blackjack Lanza beat Red Bastien 2/3
Don Muraco beat Angelo Mosca dq
Scott Casey drew Victor Rivera 15:00
Al Madril beat Jack Pesek

11/30/74 Dallas, TX
Fritz Von Erich vs Blackjack Lanza
El Santo & Jose Lothario vs Black Gordman & Gran Marcus
Doug Gilbert vs Red Bastien
Angelo Mosca vs Don Muraco
Alberto Madril vs Leo Seitz
Scott Casey vs Jack Pesek

12/7/74 Houston, TX
Texas Champion Gran Markus beat Jose Lothario 2/3
Don Muraco beat Blackjack Lanza on a 3rd fall dq
Lou Thesz beat Angelo Mosca dq
Red Bastien drew Black Gordman
Al Madril beat Don Serrano
Doug Gilbert beat Scott Casey
att: 7,500

12/13/74 Houston, TX
Blackjack Lanza beat Fritz Von Erich 2/3
Ernie Ladd dcor Superstar Billy Graham in 3rd fall
Gran Markus beat Al Madril
Jose Lothario drew Black Gordman 15:00
Don Muraco beat Don Serrano
Angelo Mosca beat Doug Gilbert

12/20/74 Houston, TX
Don Muraco vs Superstar Billy Graham 2/3
Jose Lothario & Al Madril & Ernie Ladd vs Gran Markus & Black Gordman & Great Golaith
Don Serrano vs Tiger Conway Jr
Red Bastien beat Scott Casey
Angelo Mosca vs Doug Gilbert

12/27/74 Houston, TX
NWA Champion Jack Brisco drew Blackjack Lanza
1st fall both men dq'ed
2nd fall Lanza wins with Black Claw
3rd fall Brisco wins with small package
Jose Lothario & Bobo Johnson beat Black Gordman & Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid beat Bobo Johnson
Jose Lothario beat Black Gordman
Don Muraco beat Gran Markus dq
Ernie Ladd beat Don Serrano
Al Madril beat Great Golaith
Angelo Mosca beat Scott Casey

12/28/74 Dallas, TX
Red Bastien & Don Muraco vs Angelo Mosca & Black Gordman

Thanks to Ron Witmer and Jim Melby.

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