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 Posted: Mon Jan 5th, 2009 01:08 am
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: beejmi wrote:
Feud Of The Year - Dr Delaware vs The Ultimate Sin 

I proudly accept this award.  I also accept it on behalf of Dr. Dogfucker who has been banned from this forum, and thanks to me he has been banned at Glory Hole of Wrestling.  Thanks. 

SIDE NOTE:  I may have to start my own feud w/ Doc Delaware, since,now that he's known as "Dr. Dogfucker", I think the content is about me (since at a glance, it looks like "Dogfaced") whenever I look quickly at a post.

"Dogfucker" indeed...

"I'm putting your worthless fucking ass on ignore so I don't have to read anymore of your pompous arrogant New York big shot bullshit. Good fucking riddance, fuckhead."-Angelic Assassin to rossi