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 Posted: Sun Dec 16th, 2007 06:44 am
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Vance's newest CD collection has some interesting stuff. Great collection of magazine articles. Occasionally, there'll be mentions of his beginnings:

May 1982 (legit interview with The Wrestling News) - States debut was January 1973 in Wisconsin and a 10 minute draw against Gadaski.

October 1986 (legit interview with Wrestling Eye) - Says 1973. "I started in Wisconsin and went to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Canada, and Hawaii. Finally, I settled down in the Mid-Atlantic area with Crockett Promotions."

No mention of Japan or Texas, but it looks like it's possible there are even more missing matches from 1972-74.

Perhaps the first mention of him being born in Memphis.

June 1989 (PWI or sister mag) - Listed as December 10, 1972 against Gadaski.

July 1990 (PWI) - Listed as early 1973.

It looks safe to assume that Flair doesn't know the date, but the parts about Gadaski, Wisconsin, and a draw are correct.

Though not many historical pieces on Flair's career appeared in Apter mags, it still looks a little suspicious that out of the blue a concrete date of December 10, 1972 appears.

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