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 Posted: Tue Oct 19th, 2021 03:33 pm
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WongLee wrote: One Fan Gang wrote: 2/5/66              Queens, NY @ Sunnyside Gardens

Bill Miller NC Johnny Valentine
Miguel Perez vs. The Beast
Arnold Skaaland & Antonio Pugliese vs. Smasher Sloan & Magnificent Maurice
Ronnie Etchison vs. Angelo Savoldi
Tony Altomare vs. Pete Sanchez


Date already listed; a little more card detail and the newspaper article included.

Where did you get this? The Long Island Star-Journal isn't on I would love to check it out because it would be a "hometown" paper for me and would love to see an old-timey Queens-centric newspaper.

This link is one I have been using lately:

Once there I have just been typing search terms in the box at left.  I haven't really been paying attention to the individual paper titles to dig through them specifically.   The collection that is archived here has a number of New York papers but also from Idaho, North Carolina, Minnesota (where I found some obscure AWA cards in Thief River Falls of late), Massachusetts and some other New England states.  I can say if you have a wide search, it's great to see 500 results per page, although some are repetitive.  Let me know if you find anything good.  When I click on a result, I only have seen the individual page the term appears, and there must be a way to search the entire issues.

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