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 Posted: Wed Oct 27th, 2021 08:20 pm
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pwinsider: has confirmed with multiple talents who were on today's Ring of Honor Zoom call that they were informed that if their contracts were expiring at the end of the year, they will not be renewed. At that point, they will be free to go work elsewhere.

Talents who have deals beyond 1/1/22 will remain under contract for at least a certain period of time. We have heard March 2021 and/or April 2021, so it is within that window.

Ring of Honor is still slated to tape episodes of their weekly TV series this weekend in Baltimore and the 12/11 Final Battle PPV is still on. That PPV will very much an end-point chapter in Ring of Honor as whatever form the promotion ends up taking going forward will be a very different animal.

We are also told that the promotion does have a venue currently locked in for Wrestlemania weekend 2022 in Dallas, Texas, which would be the announced Supercard of Honor.

Ring of Honor's weekly TV series will continue on during this announced "hiatus", using a mix of archival footage and more.

ROH statement:

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