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 Posted: Wed Oct 27th, 2021 09:51 pm
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Kriss wrote: There's Impact, MLW, NJPW Strong and NWA all doing weekly TV on a somewhat national level. Plus GCW, PWG starting back up and probably some other indies that I don't know about that have a decent profile. There are definitely places to work.

Those really don't have high profiles like past #3s have had.  Impact has been putting on quality shows for some time now, but aside from their AEW deal they really haven't created a peep of buzz in years, and no one is getting paid there.  Really the same thing with MLW and the NWA, very small potatoes.  NJPW Strong uses mostly ROH and MLW talent and it remains to be seen what will happen to it once travel restrictions are fully lifted, but it hardly seems like a long-term option for U.S. indy talent.  GCW and PWG are true indies and neither are filling the gap.  GCW could never get TV or real mainstream exposure with their deathmatch stuff anyway. 

Sure there's always places to work for a beer and a burger, but ROH was legitimately signing guys to exclusive high 6 figure deals and had a syndicated TV network that reached most of the country, in addition to their own streaming service and a FITE TV contract.  The drop-off from that is steep. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.