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 Posted: Thu Oct 28th, 2021 04:15 am
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Original founder Rob Feinstein has commented:

I have received a ton of emails regarding ROH today and what I would have done different to save the company. A wrestling company needs to be run by people “in” the wrestling business period. It does NOT matter how much money you have, or if you are the best business man in the world, if you do not know how to create a buzz, build talent, create storylines that draw money you are destined to fail.

Sinclair broadcasting has more money than Tony Kahn’s family and that is a fact. The fact is they never really got behind ROH. It was there for them to sell advertising space and for content but as a wrestling company it just never ran like one. They could have had Kenny Omega and signed him after his deal with New Japan was up. They could have had the Young Bucks, Cody all under contracts. ROH could have been AEW but they just didn’t have wrestling minds running the office. They should have locked down so many talents but they choose not to. They had the wrong people running the ship and making wrestling decisions.

This is not a knock on the booker, the wrestlers, or any of the talent that worked there. If the company that is funding ROH was not 100% into making it a full fledged wrestling company it was never going to work. They were happy at status quo. I always knew how much money Sinclair could bring to the table, and I never understood early on why they did not sign major names to contracts, or go after talent that was released that could draw and lock them under contract. It became clear to me that they would never be a solid wrestling company when it comes to making moves in the wrestling world.

They have had a TON of opportunities but let’s be honest the last time they had any buzz was for their MSG NY show and after that it was over. As soon as Cody and the Bucks left they were done. Even long before that I can’t really remember ever hearing anything like you have to see this amazing angle in ROH. They were running shows just to run shows. That Is not saying they were not trying and again this has zero to do with the workers who were probably killing it in the ring.

ROH was built on amazing wrestling matches but that could only go so far. You need storylines to draw and big ones to grow. I just felt that ROH existed on their name over the years and just presented steady quality wrestling shows but for what ever reason they never knew how to create a buzz for themselves. They never did out of the box ideas.

The pandemic effected every company but you can’t blame that for killing your own product. You can only point the blame on yourselves for all of the missed opportunities you had over the years. There was a ton of talent that got to have some great exposure over the last few years and they were able to earn a steady paycheck. I think most of the talent will land on their feet.

The indy scene is going to benefit because now there is a ton of fresh faces to book in 2022. For the sake of the wrestling business I would love to see ROH thrive again if they really do come back with a new business model. My only advice to them is to reinvent your entire company and go back to the basics. Bring in new talent and come up with some really creative angles and create a buzz because that is what ROH was based on.

Let’s be honest though, right now if you want any of that you have AEW. You’re not going to be able to compete with them. ROH needs to really come back with a different mindset and they have to be in it to win it. Being second best is boring and no fun. If you are competing and trying to be #1 and actually trying to grow your company fans will see that and follow your product as long as you give them a product to follow. If the fans see you are just trying to run shows for the sake of running shows, they will see right thru that too.

To coin a show that I named along with Doug Gentry and Gabe Sapolsky on May 31st 2003 now is the time for ROH to “Do or Die”

This thread was great before AA ruined it.