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 Posted: Thu Oct 28th, 2021 02:35 pm
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srossi wrote: Original founder Rob Feinstein has commented:

Sinclair broadcasting has more money than Tony Kahn’s family and that is a fact.
Sorry, this is not a correct statement.  Sinclair's 'money' is tied up in assets that have been leveraged to the max with loans.  Their cash reserves were lost during the pandemic and after the data hack a few months ago they were hurt badly.  This is Feinstein trying to let people know how important he was to the business, nothing more than sour grapes.  Maybe ROH was mismanaged, but that's not the reason they are on hiatus.  They told the truth - they paid their talent through the pandemic.  But this "reimagining of the product" is simply that Sinclair is hurting right now and they can't be bothered trying to run ROH when they are having an extremely hard time running the business aspect.  They can show ROH repeats or best of shows in the time slots that run the program.   I wouldn't be surprised to hear by April that Sinclair is getting purchased by another media entity, or that ROH and it's tape vault got sold to another wrestling entity.

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