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 Posted: Fri Oct 29th, 2021 07:58 am
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srossi wrote: Meltzer says the Briscoe Bros. may have trouble landing contracts in WWE or AEW due to their past “homophobic” remarks. The ship has probably sailed on WWE anyway since they’ve turned them down several times and NXT is no longer a very realistic option given its shift in direction. FTR immediately challenged them as soon as they became available, but AEW might fear online blow-back and not want to touch them. The Briscoes are legitimate multi-millionaires from their farming and construction businesses, and have been pocketing high 6 figure contracts from ROH for years that they claim they’ve never even touched because they live off of their day jobs. They are nearing 40, so they could just walk away from wrestling and just do shows once a month for fun if they get the itch. They will not be desperate for bookings.

They won the GCW tag title a couple of weeks ago, which was their first non-ROH match for something like six years. Given that they look like rejects from a Bumfights DVD, there's zero chance of them ever getting into WWE, let alone their past comments on anything.

They have to headline their December show with Briscoe vs Briscoe in a 60 minute draw, surely. It's the only fitting way to go out.

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