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 Posted: Sat Nov 6th, 2021 11:04 pm
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In early 1977, after attending my grandfather's funeral, we gathered for a meal at his house, and his youngest children were the aunts and uncles I knew best because they always found things for us to do.  We settled in the living room to watch TV and for the very first time, I saw professional wrestling.  The AWA show was coming to an end, and this studio squash match had Julio Rodriguez, who wasn't really much to see, but King Kong Mosca was the opponent.   No sooner had the bell rang than Mosca swarmed in and his first offensive move was to toss Rodriguez right out of the ring.    Short but sweet, and because the show was ending, it would take another year or so before I would really explore the phenomenon I was just witness to.   By the time I started seeing the AWA on a weekly basis, Mosca had moved to another territory.  Following his exploits was limited to the newsstand magazines, but he never failed to entertain right off the page.  

Mosca did an episode of the CAC Radio podcast several years ago, shortly after the Alzheimer's condition was diagnosed.  Angelo Jr. sat in on the interview to help steer the conversation if it was necessary, but Big Nasty was still rather sharp and an engaging subject.   Gregarious and not every one's cup of tea, from many accounts.  But without Angelo morphing into King Kong at the bell, I might not have been as captivated by the wrestling on TV to find it again.  The year in between saw us relocate, and Milwaukee TV schedules were different than the Green Bay market I moved into, so Saturday nights growing up could have been oh so different.   I found him several times this week doing research without even trying... maybe that was foreshadowing.   RIP