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 Posted: Mon Nov 8th, 2021 06:35 pm
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srossi wrote: Buff Bagwell's mother Judy, the biggest punchline during WCW's worst days in 1999-2000, has passed away at the age of 78. 

The Judy-Bagwell-on-a-pole match between Buff and Chris Kanyon at the New Blood Rising PPV will always go down in WrestleCrap lure as one of the worst matches of all-time.  She also co-held the WCW Tag titles with Rick Steiner in another awful moment in WCW history, although she was simply named his partner and then they were stripped when Steiner got injured, so they never won or defended the belts. 

Judy actually had 2 wrestling matches, one a no-contest against Kanyon and the other a tag victory with her son against Kanyon and announcer Pamela Paulshock.

Judy was first put on camera as a rib on Buff, who was a noted Mama's boy who allowed Judy to manage his career and tried to help him in contract negotiations. 
Say what you want but Judy Bagwell was a cool mom.  RIP to Judy Bagwell.  Let's all hope poor ol' Ralphus is in good shape still.

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