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 Posted: Fri Nov 19th, 2021 05:37 pm
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I have been going to this link since it's autofilled in my browser, and it has given me plenty of routes to take as I decide where to search:

But of late I have gone to the drop-down menus at the top under "More" and selected their "Newsletters" option, which gives you access to their bi-monthly Ancestor Hunt newsletter.  Within each issue they have links to any updates that were made to their site in the previous two weeks.  When you open any link within that list, like "Puerto Rico Online Newspapers Summary" for example, they will highlight within that link any territorial updates, and those regions may have been something you haven't seen to explore previously.   Part of me wants to index where I have been and where I have yet to go, but there is a vast enough range of options that I won't worry about it; the worst case is that I may double post a card I explored months ago and didn't recognize.   

Anyway, the newsletter is just over a year old, and this link will take you to all of the previous issues.  The updates in each cover details in many of the main research sites, so no matter what sites you frequent, you're bound to find something of note.