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 Posted: Sun Nov 21st, 2021 01:47 am
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Ron wrote: No not contesting. When I researched years ago one of the ring crew guys gave me this date for Glens Falls, NY. This card naturally was in the Glens Falls papers. I just now looked, it is 3.3 miles from the civic center. No mention in any of my clippings of it being held in Queensbury, NY. Queensbury would be like a suburb. It lays in what is considered Gens Falls North.

Yeah, that's how I'm making determinations on a lot of towns these days; I will do a driving directions between the alleged city and whatever town the paper was published.  Sometimes in more rural areas a distance of 40-50 miles isn't unusual to see promotions for shows because in Wyoming there are no hamlets as such.   Learning something new every day!