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 Posted: Sat Nov 27th, 2021 05:02 pm
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srossi wrote: srossi wrote: New ROH Tag champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett will defend their titles on the next NWA PPV, Hard Times 2, on Dec. 4 against Aron Stevens and J.R. Kratos. This will take place a week before they defend the belts at Final Battle against the Briscoe Bros. in what will likely be the last defense of the belts as we know them.
Rhett Titus now announced you take on Austin Aries on this PPV as well. ROH’s demise is helping the NWA fill a whole card.
I believe this was the angle that I took about a month ago somewhere in this thread.  With AEW being pretty much at capacity, WWE letting people go for sneezing during group meetings, and Impact having to count their cash before putting on a TV taping...the only "bigger small places" are GCW and the NWA.  And with NWA having PPVs, I would think that would be the preferred way to go rather than wrestling on a canvas that has been bled on five hundred times.  Billy Corgan lost so much with the pandemic, and he can get back twice as much as he lost (and better talent to boot) and could possibly make a run with the NWA.  I mean, people seem to enjoy it because we still talk about it and they still have people show up.  I don't know how much tickets cost to the show but they drew a couple hundred people to the St Louis show and the people didn't look like indy wrestling fans - they looked to be somewhat more sophisticated (almost like Corgan hand picked the audience).   There was a time we were talking about how could he survive with Jocephus dying and another one of his bigger guys going to AEW.  But that Kamille girl that can't wrestle a lick has a great look, and if you have a great look you can get by.  And with all of this WWE and ROH talent walking around, Corgan could hand pick his roster and as long as he can break even on things after paying the talent, this will last a long time.  Corgan doesn't have the money that Tony Khan has but he has enough in the bank where he can pretty much run the NWA how he wants to for as long as he wants to.  I just wish the fucker would bring back NWA Classics on Demand.  That was the best video service ever.

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