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 Posted: Fri Dec 17th, 2021 07:07 pm
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Woods was hoping to get a match with Danielson. I read an article that he said that because when he was training for his comeback, Matt Bloom assigned him to Bryan and said "if you injure him, you are fired". So they worked together to get him in shape for his last really big run in the E. I fully understand why Tony Khan wouldn't want to "promote" ROH, but hell - he should be thinking ahead. This could be his shot at buying the ROH library and offering maybe the Dark and Elevation shows to Sinclair as cheap content or free content in exchange for the video library. And he would make some fresh matchups as well. Pretty sure all the guys still have their belts in their possession, why the hell not try something? Sinclair has been absolutely BLEEDING CASH since their data breach, they can't afford to run ROH right now, so sell the library and then also cut a deal that won't interfere with the TBS/TNT deal that AEW has.

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