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 Posted: Mon Dec 27th, 2021 07:56 pm
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Low key big hog

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srossi wrote: Gresham now defending against 2 Cold Scorpio for the belt at a GCW show on Jan. 15. The ROH title is being defended 10 times as often now that the company has gone out of business than before.

ROH should spend a couple of bucks and buy the footage from these promotions or send a camera guy and use these to air on TV as well as any other title defenses that happen between now and the restart. 

I'm not glad ROH ran into trouble or that they are taking a few months off to reset but they really needed something to happen to freshen up. I've been muscling thru shows off and on for a few years now waiting for something interesting and its never happened. Maybe not having long term contracts and running with the hot hand can do that for them. 

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