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 Posted: Sat Jan 15th, 2022 05:40 pm
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Big Garea Fan wrote: I think that a lot of people decided to take retirements earlier than they had planned due to the pandemic, vaccine requirements, etc. This opened up a lot of job opportunities that wouldn't have been available otherwise. Many employers were unable to find qualified job candidates so they had to lower the qualifications to attract applicants. The newly qualified job candidates were able to get better positions / salaries so they left the "bad jobs" that they previously held. The "bad jobs" are struggling to attract workers due to the new expectation that everyone should get at least $15 per hour. This is also causing experienced workers who are barely making above $15 per hour to seek out new jobs since they view it as unfair that new employees with no experience are able to get salaries almost equal to theirs even though they have more experience. They want a pay bump too or else they walk.

Other possible ideas are:
Maybe COVID has increased the number of people unable to work due to "long COVID"?
Currently, approximately 850,000 deaths in the United States have been blamed on COVID. Could a large number of these deaths have been of people in the workforce?
Do some states still have unemployment benefits in place pay better than actually working?

For young people entering the workforce, this could be a great time to build up savings. I am hopeful that this situation is still in place when my son turns 14 and is eligible to work a part-time job. At $15 per hour for about 20 hours per week and while still living at home, he should be able to amass a decent amount of savings. It sure beats the $80 per month that I made from my newspaper route and the $100 per weekend that I made as a busboy back in the mid-1980s