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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 10:05 am
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Franchise wrote: Papa Voo wrote: Franchise wrote: gwlee7 wrote: And, capitalists always love a “free market” until it works against them. Supply and demand and all that. Pay some one to work and they’ll show up.

A lot of industries will pay in the short term, but it will speed up automation because some things are only worth so much and it will be "automate or go out of business". 

I think as a nation we got sloppy and expected things to be way too accessible and I think when we come out of this, we are going to see a lot less fast-food options, 24hr stores and slower amazon turnaround time amongst other things. 

Do you really think that about slower turnaround times?  I see that as a competition point in the market. I see that actually improving. 

I'm seeing more and more delays with Amazon, USPS & UPS post-Christmas then I ever have before.

These companies can only pay so much to drivers, sorters and loaders before it becomes cheaper to push it a day. It's not like we the end user can bill the delivery service because our most recent purchase was delivered a day late.  

Jeff Bezo’s net worth increased by $4.5 billion in 2021.,since%20this%20time%20last%20year.

I just think it's amazing that Trump is really on Twitter all day, personally writing this shit. He's about 3 beers away from joining S&W and getting into a flame war with Ports.----srossi