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 Posted: Tue Jan 18th, 2022 10:24 pm
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Principal_Raditch wrote: Pretty much. I don't care about award's or free pizza or the latest " gift " a yeti coffee mug. Right now our raises vary depending on scores at work. The difference between being the highest rated at 5, or being average at 3.1-4.9 is 0.5%. So in effect if I'm barely above getting fired at 3.1 I only get 0.5 % less than working my ass off. It works out to less than 1 shifts pay in the end. There's no incentive for me to go full out to get a 4.9 rating and get the same raise as the person who screws around. There's really no incentive for me to try and get a 5 rating with the piddly difference.

As someone who has experience dealing with HR departments on pay deals I know they loved to talk about how pay wasn't *that* important or wasn't the be all and end all, but that they wanted to engage with staff in more productive ways, increase ways for staff to 'develop', and a lot of other bullshit. I think they have severely overestimated how much people miss the office. It was true, for while and for a lot of people. But that was nearly two years ago. And company loyalty and team spririt or whatever you want to call it is down the shitter too.