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 Posted: Tue Jan 18th, 2022 10:55 pm
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I was at Walmart yesterday, a place I despise. I know different Walmarts have different levels of cleanliness, safety, etc. This particular one, about ten minutes from our house, is an absolute shithole. I joke that it's the 7th circle of hell. Parking lot is shady as fuck, people sitting in their cars (cars, by the way, always backed into the parking spot...ALWAYS), place stinks like weed, customers cussing at each other, employees cussing at each other. Demographics, it's largely African American with a little bit of hispanic thrown in. I had to look at three or four things (batteries, protein powder (didn't have what I needed), vitamins, kid wanted me to check if they had new Pokemon cards)...

So, I'm walking around the store yesterday, about 3pm on a Monday (I had the day off), place is fucking packed, and I'm watching these people and thinking, how in god's name are they finding money to pay for any of this shit they're buying? These people looked to me to be largely unemployable, unless you're talking about the most menial of menial jobs like scrubbing toilets or digging ditches. I have no idea where these people are getting money from.

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