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 Posted: Wed Jan 19th, 2022 01:55 am
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Haha, I've had similar experiences with some of the meaningless or valueless certifications. The company is pretty good for covering the cost and the retake cost if you fail. Like you, I weigh up the actual costs (money and time). The one difference since the working from home is that many of these tests are very, very easy to chest on so I've taken them up on a few that I normally wouldn't. Most of these certificates are meaningless and of no practical use to me but they are no harm to have if I'm going for another job or a promotion.
Which leads me on to the promotion side of things... I have probably one more promotion in my job which would make sense for me and if I stick around I'd expect to get it in the next year or so. Anything higher than that and while I'll get more money I'll lose out on a lot  the flexibility of time that I currently have and ability to take extra days off with time worked up. So, again, not worth it to me (and many others feel the same). 

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