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 Posted: Wed Jan 19th, 2022 04:17 pm
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Principal_Raditch wrote: Jim_Irish wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: Pretty much. I don't care about award's or free pizza or the latest " gift " a yeti coffee mug. Right now our raises vary depending on scores at work. The difference between being the highest rated at 5, or being average at 3.1-4.9 is 0.5%. So in effect if I'm barely above getting fired at 3.1 I only get 0.5 % less than working my ass off. It works out to less than 1 shifts pay in the end. There's no incentive for me to go full out to get a 4.9 rating and get the same raise as the person who screws around. There's really no incentive for me to try and get a 5 rating with the piddly difference.

As someone who has experience dealing with HR departments on pay deals I know they loved to talk about how pay wasn't *that* important or wasn't the be all and end all, but that they wanted to engage with staff in more productive ways, increase ways for staff to 'develop', and a lot of other bullshit. I think they have severely overestimated how much people miss the office. It was true, for while and for a lot of people. But that was nearly two years ago. And company loyalty and team spririt or whatever you want to call it is down the shitter too.

Another example of this is our "certifications" So I keep on getting bugged by our system educators to get certified in my discipline. The test costs @ $200. If you fail the test, you're on the hook for the cost. You only get reimbursed for passing. Then you need to recertify every 5 years. I asked what's the increase in pay compensation for it....a whole 50 cents an hour. So since I work @ 24-26 hrs a week on average, you're talking maybe $13 extra a week or $650 a year. Here's the kicker. If I pick up a bonus shift, I can make $800 for 12 hrs work. Why the hell would I go and put al the time into studying (which I guarantee will take longer than the 12 hrs) when I can make the same amount as the whole years increase in @ 10 hrs. Of course the response is the usual "it's not just about the $$$" it's the honor, prestige etc...So basically meaningless stuff that some people want to just add to the end of the name on their work badges to make them them think they're better than the next RN. 

It's the same with our corporate ladder. We have RN1-RN4. The higher you go, there's a slight increase in hourly rate. But you have to do annual projects to maintain it. I've never bothered going above an RN 2 because the time spent doing the RN3 or RN4 projects will be longer than the compensation I'd receive for just picking up a few bonus shifts. I've pointed it out, but get the "be a team player" garbage. I guess maybe that works with 25 year olds who think it matters. 
Hospital leaderships also like to play the "you got into the medical field to help people, right?" card in an attempt to make you feel guilty about wanting higher pay, better working conditions, etc. They play this card often such as when you are short staffed, low annual COLAs, and needing volunteers to do grunt work that nobody else will do. All the while, the hospital leadership pulls in big money and golden parachutes.

I also hate that some "elite" hospitals / medical systems intentionally pay low salaries and make it seem like a privilege to work for them. The few that I have interviewed for offered salaries that were approximately 20% lower than other hospitals in the area. 

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